Boston to Alaska Self Guided Tour

GPX files, turn by turn directions and tools for planning your trip to Alaska

The download file contains the GPX files used for our trip from Boston, MA to Anchorage Alaska and back; about 12,000 miles. Also include are turn by turn directions in the form of PDFs as well as an Excel Workbook containing the original trip itinerary, budget, actual costs and packing list.

Making the pilgrimage

In 2017, Craig and two friends (Peter and Steven) decided it was time to take the pilgrimage to Alaska. After dreaming and planning it looked like the total mileage was going to be just shy of 12,000 and the time necessary would be in the neighborhood of 5 weeks. Unfortunately, Peter and Steven could not get that much time off of work, so Craig would travel the first week alone meeting up with the guys in Boise Idaho.

From Boise the three friends rode together for three weeks before Peter and Steven had to ship their bikes home and board a plane. Craig would again finish off the trip alone for the final week. On the way home, Craig would visit a couple of places he had always wanted to see, Bad Lands National Park and Bear Tooth Pass.

This ride can be completed on any kind of motorcycle, but an adventure bike is probably the best suited. Many rides make the trip each their on Harleys or Goldwings and just have to slow down on the unpaved sections. The Alaska Highway is paved all the way up; however, you will run into long sections that are under construction, which means dirt and/or gravel. If you decide to do the Top of the World Highway, it is not paved, but it is well maintained and easily passably when dry.

Amazing parks and attractions:

  • Ice Fields Parkway, Alberta, and BC
  • Alaska Highway
  • White Horse Yukon
  • Watson Lake Yukon
  • Dawson City Yukon
  • Top of the Work Highway
  • Fairbanks Alaska
  • Anchorage Alaska
  • Stewart Cassiar Highway
  • Bad Lands National Park
  • Bear Tooth Pass

What's Included:

Included with your purchase, you will get all the GPS files Craig used on his trip as well as a spreadsheet that includes each day of the trip. The spreadsheet includes start and end locations, hotel and or campgrounds used with approximate pricing and a few helpful hints.

In addition, Craig has documents the trip on his YouTube Channel "Living Off the Slab." View the playlists below.

It take a great deal of work to put together a trip like this, but Craig is offering it to your for just $1 per day.

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